MergeLife Project

MergeLife is a family of cellular automata. Each member of this family is represented by a hexidecimal encoding, such
as E542-5F79-9341-F31E-6C6B-7F08-8773-7068 that represent a MergeLife update rule. The three patterns that you see above are three different MergeLife update rules. Other than a random starting grid, these update rules are
completly deterministic. Since developing the MergeLife update rule family I've located over 1,000 MergeLife rules
that can be seen on GitHub.

MergeLife rules are discovered using a Genetic Algorithm. You can think of MergeLife as a utility to create entirely new Cellular Automata that are similar to Conway's Game of Life. Complete implementations of MergeLife in Java, Python, and JavaScript are provided on GitHub.

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Heaton, J. March (2018). Evolving continuous cellular automata for aesthetic objectives. Genetic Programming Evolvable Machines.