Contact Heaton Research, Inc./Jeff Heaton

Between YouTube, my deep learning course, and my various GitHub projects, I am now getting a decent amount of e-mail requests. I have a difficult time responding to every e-mail that I get. At this point, I do read each e-mail that I receive; however, I do not have time to reply to every e-mail. I apologize in advance if I do not reply or am slow to respond.
  • If you have a comment or suggestion on any of my work, please contact me with the form below. I do try to respond to all of these queries. E-Mails, where I need to do research/experimentation/debugging to answer, are not always possible due to volume.
  • Have you found a bug or an error in my deep learning course? Please file an issue with GitHub; I will take a look at the code and suggest a fix. I am very interested in improving the quality of this course. If you already know the solution, pull requests are appreciated. I will always respond to an issue related to my class.
  • For general support, I host a Discord server, that has members familiar with my projects. It could be that someone in the community has an answer to your question.
  • For help with university projects. If you are one of my students at WUSTL, contact me through either Canvas or WUSTL e-mail, I always try to reply in 24 hrs. I seem to get a growing amount of help requests from students taking courses at other universities. For these requests, I do suggest starting with your professor. My discord server might also be of use.
  • For general support on AI and machine learning related projects, such as installing packages, I suggest contacting the author(s) of those packages. Unless I've run into your exact issue, I really won't have an answer for you. Also, questions that require me to do a few hours of research are difficult. Reddit and StackOverflow can also be excellent sources of help.
  • For business/media inquiries, LinkedIn is the best place. Please include the nature of your request in the connection request. I recieve a large number of connections.
If you need to email me, please fill out this form and I will reply in email. Sorry about the email form, but this does help me cutback on SPAM.