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Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Vol 1: Fundamental Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Vol 1: Fundamental Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Vol 1: Fundamental Algorithms
Jeff Heaton
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A great building requires a strong foundation. This book teaches basic Artificial Intelligence algorithms such as dimensionality, distance metrics, clustering, error calculation, hill climbing, Nelder Mead, and linear regression. These are not just foundational algorithms for the rest of the series, but are very useful in their own right. The book explains all algorithms using actual numeric calculations that you can perform yourself. Artificial Intelligence for Humans is a book series meant to teach AI to those without an extensive mathematical background. The reader needs only a knowledge of basic college algebra or computer programming–anything more complicated than that is thoroughly explained. Every chapter also includes a programming example. Examples are currently provided in Java, C#, and R.