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Initial Impressions of GPU Programming

In this article I will discuss some of the primary issues with GPU programming. This article will focus on how we implemented the first version of GPU support in the Encog Machine Learning Framework. This article focuses mainly on using OpenCL from Java or C#, however it is general enough to apply to any language that can commu icate with OpenCL.

A Non-Mathematical Introduction to Using Neural Networks

The goal of this article is to help you understand what a neural network is, and how it is used. Most people, even non-programmers, have heard of neural networks. There are many science fiction overtones associated with them. And like many things, sci-fi writers have created a vast, but somewhat inaccurate, public idea of what a neural network is.

Nguyen-Widrow and other Neural Network Weight/Threshold Initialization Methods

Neural networks learn by adjusting numeric values called
weights and thresholds.  A weight specifies how strong of a connection exists
between two neurons.  A threshold is a value, stored on each neuron that either
adds or subtracts from the incoming weights from other neurons.  Training is
the process by which these weights and thresholds are adjusted to cause the
neural network to produce useful results. 

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Ferris Wheels in Second Life

I am not as active in Second Life as I used to be. However, the one project I created that I am always asked about is my Ferris Wheel. You can see the ferris wheel here.

Creating Simple Cars in Second Life

This video shows how to create simple cars in Second Life. I will take you step by step as a car is built. A script will be added to the car. This script is shown below. In this video I show how to set the root prim, create proper wheels and finally, add the script to the car.

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Simulated Annealing Applet

Simulated annealing is a programming method that attempts to simulate the physical process of annealing. Annealing is a where a material is heated and then cooled (as steel or glass) usually for softening and making the material less brittle. Simulated annealing, therefore, exposes a "solution" to "heat" and cools producing a more optimal solution.


OCR Applet

Handwriting Recognition


Handwriting Recognition

An applet that used a Kohonen neural network to perform handwriting recognition. Try it out with your handwriting!

Working with Binary Files in Java

There are many different ways that binary data can be read/written to files. When you try to read standard file formats directly, such as GIF, this can become a challenge. This article presents a method for reading and writing all types of binary data. Support is given for such things as little endian, big endian, int sizes and more.

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