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Encog Support

There are several avenues for support with Encog. They are listed here.

  • The Encog Wiki Here you will find many reference articles about Encog and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Encog FAQs This is a growing list of FAQ's. I will often author a wiki page or FAQ page if a particularly common question seems to appear often.
  • Stack Overflow ENCOG Tag This is one of the best areas of support. I now monitor the ENCOG tag on StackOverflow. If you most a question here, make sure you tag it ENCOG, or it may not be seen by the Encog Community. StackOverflow is good because it rewards others for answering your questions. I try to monitor this TAG as I have time, but I very much encourage others to answer the questions ahead of me (Jeff Heaton).
  • Encog Forums For support questions, StackOverflow is the preferred route, but I do maintain forums. Forums are also good for general discussion that is not specifically a support request.
  • Found a Bug? Think you found a bug? It is entirely possible. We try to stamp out bugs in Encog, but they do appear. Please report it here, and someone will take a look.
  • Contact Me To contact me directly. I USUALLY do not offer direct support for Encog in email. If you have a general question, Stack Overflow is really your best bet. If your ordered an ebook (from me), and something bad happened, please contact me directly. If you ordered an ebook/book from Amazon or another seller, please contact them, as I have no access to their order data. Additionally for anything that you do not want to post publicly.

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