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Two New Neural Network Books Coming Soon

I am nearing the final stages of two new books. Introduction to Neural Networks for Java and Introduction to Neural Networks for C#. The Java book is the Second Edition to the original "Introduction to Neural Networks with Java". This is a considerable update to the original text. The covers for the two new books can be seen below. The Java book is expected to be out in September,2008. The C# book by January,2009. More information on these two books will be posted in the coming weeks.

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I have an array of data lines:
The last value in the line is output
The first two values are input
The number of lines, for example, 1000
I will build the SOM. Is it possible? And if it is yes then:
Could You give me the example for EnCog?
Many Thanks

Best Regards


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Fantastic, can't wait to pick these two up.

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thank you

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