I’ve consolidated my websites to a single domain, everything now points to http://www.heatonresearch.com. Previously I had:

The three sites above were hosted on two Amazon EC2 servers that cost about $165/month.
Additionally, keeping two UNIX hosts, Drupal and MediaWiki all patched was becoming a real chore. Additionally, weeding out spammer/hacker rootkits when I got behind on patches was a frequent nightmare. I replaced the whole mess with a static site generated by Jekyll. These static files are hosted on GitHub, with zero transaction costs, no matter how high my traffic goes (at least in theory). However, even if traffic went over-the-top and GitHub were to “boot me,” I could easily use Amazon S3 and just host my own static content. The beauty of the generated static content is that endless headache of patches and staying ahead of the spammer hackers is gone.

I will miss some of the nice features of MediaWiki and Wordpress. I won’t miss Drupal, and their witch’s brew of themes and modules, in the least. Right now I am using a simple theme for Jekyll, I will likely upgrade this to something bootstrap based soon.
Ideally, this will give me more time to do what I enjoy, writing AI software and tutorials, and not play UNIX admin and SPAM cop all the time.

I am trying to keep all dynamic features “off world”. For now this includes:

  • Blog Comments - Handled through DISQUES.
  • Forum Features - My old Drupal forum was getting about 300 auto-deleted spam posts a day and around 30-40 manually deleted (by me) spam posts a day. This become overwhelming and I shut down the forum. I will probably try a Google Groups replacement of the forums at some point.
  • Support - I still do support through email and links to stack overflow questions. Stack Overflow tends to be a good place for this, I often do not have time to answer every technical question sent to me.

I am still organizing the flow and structure of the new website. So you will probably see some changes as I continue to tweak it.