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Introduction to Neural Networks for Java, Second Edition

Introduction to Neural Networks with Java, Second Edition, introduces the Java programmer to the world of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. Neural network architectures, such as the feedforward, Hopfield, and self-organizing map architectures are discussed. Training techniques, such as backpropagation, genetic algorithms and simulated annealing are also introduced. Practical examples are given for each neural network. Examples include the traveling salesman problem, handwriting recognition, financial prediction, game strategy, mathematical functions, and Internet bots. All Java source code is available online for easy downloading.

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this descripe a nural network using java programming language

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It does at that! :)

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What Does that seema ?

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i am intrested in developing the character recognition system in java, cna somebody help me out,is their any library for neural network in java

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khanis, this book's example code provides some good starting points for the library you're seeking, and there are some more sophisticated libraries referenced at under "Other AI Stuff I use from the net."

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Encog. It is sort of meant as the next step beyond this book. Encog supports many different neural network types.

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Hello, I purchased the book and am very proficient in java. However, I'm just confused on how to use the library. As most of the code is source I'm having troubles trying to get a proper compiling. Is there a particular setup or environment variables and such that need to be run through in order for me to correctly compile. As of now, I've simply gone through the trouble of trying to figure out the packing and compile the classes one by one, but it gets stuck somewhere in self organizing maps area where the enum command is called. Unless I'm blind, I haven't seen anything in the readme that gave any help on this.

Any help is appreciated as I trully enjoy the book but I want to be able to run and understand the source as well.

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The best way is to use the ant scripts that come with the projects. Compiling the classes one-by-one will not work, they are very interdependent.

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dear Jeff,
i have a few questions about neural networks and the book 2nd edition:
1. the prediction you do on S&P 500 and other types of prediction in the book e.g. sine wave the prediction stops at the date there is data available. in other words if you have Jan 1 2007 as the last date you have historical data for it stops on that date. it doesn't predict beyond that date into the future. So how do you make the neural network (nn) predict beyond that date and into the future without any available historical data. isn't that what prediction is all about? could you pls explain and if possible present an example so that i would master nn prediction techniques.
2. in your online course on youtube you talk about assignments and midterm but i have the ebook and i notice there is not a single mention about those things in there. could you pls email them to me both the questions and the solutions for all of them that you came up with so that i can try my hands on them. in particular the midterm about forest cover is one i want to tackle to get solid experience in the field of nn. i would very much appreciate this.
3. finally, my ultimate goal in mastering nn is to someday build great automation systems and most especially bioinformatics/computational biology systems where i could predict the primary and secondary/motif structures of biomolecules like proteins just given the Tertiary and Quaternary structures. for instance, given the Quaternary structure of hemoglobin the nn would correctly predict that it is a Quaternary structure and there are 4 different chains that make up the molecule and give their primary sequence and secondary/motif structure for each chain. it may be complex but very possible so can you give me any advise or lessons or sample code on this type and other types of comp. biological systems prediction with nn.
thanks in advance.


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I am very new to neural networks. and I am working on a project to classify face images, but I do not know how to calculate the accuracy of the net(feed forward net).
Thanks in advance.

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