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Downloads a disaster

Hello Jeff,
I purchased your book "Introduction to Neural Networks with Java, 2nd Edition".
I regret that I did not know this book earlier. Contrary to most books I know of Neural Networks, this book is a good mix of theory and practice. For people who want to program the applications themselves this is a great book. It is the only book I know that teaches you how to make the necessary programs him- (her-)self. Thank you Jeff. The only criticism I have is the download site.
That is a disaster. Listing 3.4 is missing. At the download site only "Introduction to Neural Networks with Java" the first edition is mentioned, not the 2nd Edition. Except Listing 3.4 there are more listings, that cannot be found. If you correct that it could be 100% perfect.

kind regards,

Jan van der Peet

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Thanks! Glad the book is useful. Also, sorry you are having problems finding the file above.

You can find the 2nd edition download on the download site, which is here.

The 2nd edition is there, it is there, it is the fourth link, ISBN 1604390085.

Make sure you have the 2nd edition download, if you use the first, nothing will make sense. There were quite a few changes.

Download the examples and extract, you will find Listing 3.4 in the following location.


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Hello Jeff,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I could not find the right book, because on the site the title of the 2nd edition is slightly different from the book. On the site it says "Introduction to Neural Networks for Java" instead of with Java. That's why I thought that was a different book.

kind regards,

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