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Future Developments

Hello Encog Team,

A while back I read on the site about future plans and aspirations e.g. Encog 3.2 and the work associated with trading, I see this work is basically completed. Is there an Encog road map in circulation for future development i.e. more books,videos,etc?

Best Regards John

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Yes, the trading enhancements for 3.2 are mostly complete. I took quite a few detours before I got it to the point I was happy with. I find the code generation to be a pretty good option for NT/MT4. This way I am not doing unusual things with sockets or DLL's. The code is just self-contained NT/MT4 code.

Next steps. I would like to add MT5. I also want to expand the code generation so that SVM's and NEAT networks can be generated to NT/MT.

The other big project I am working on is expanding Encog into Genetic Programming (GP). This is already well underway, and the foundations of it will be in Encog 3.2. Also a major rework of the NEAT neural networks.

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Thanks for the update Jeff, the genetic programming (GP) is very timely for me.

The application of genetic programming is fascinating on its own or with neural networks and I enjoyed the Lunar Lander example.

Tic-tac toe and TSP was the main reason I bought the Introduction to Neural Networks for Java, but I have been side-tracked back to other parts of the book, the book is excellent. I am also looking forward to the enhancements to NEAT and all the Wiki updates.

Best Regards John.

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The new GP code is actually independent of neural networks. The GP actually has a small mini-programming language and it uses that to evolve solutions. This naturally works quite well with code generation, as the winning solution can then be "generated" into C/Java/MQL4/NinjaScript, or whatever.

The whole genetic portion of Encog is getting a bit of an overhaul. NEAT included.

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First at all, congratulations for your great work! I'm learning a lot from you about neuralnetwork and AI. I'm waiting impatiently the release of encog 3.2, can you say us the expected release date? thanks a lot

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