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spiking neuron model

I couldn't find spiking (biological) neuron models in encog. Are they not supported yet?

I further think that there should be ready-to-use implementations for the HTM/MPF and other biological inspired networks.

see also:

  • Jeff Hawkins & Sandra Blakeslee, On Intelligence, ISBN 0805074562
  • Ray Kurzweil, How to create a mind, ISBN 067002529
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IMHO, there are two types of networks - ones inspired by biological neural networks but abstracted away to perform machine learning functions, and the other that attempts to simulate biological networks (in order to investigate properties or behaviours of the real thing).

ANNs are examples of the former, whereas spiking neuron models are the latter and are used to explain behaviours within real biological networks.

Of course, their is some cross over, but the usefulness is limited - the model to simulate even a single neuron fully can eat a ridiculous amount computing power.

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