Class AnalystEvaluateRawCSV

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public class AnalystEvaluateRawCSV
extends BasicFile

Used by the analyst to evaluate a CSV file.

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 void analyze(EncogAnalyst theAnalyst, File inputFile, boolean headers, CSVFormat format)
          Analyze the data.
 void process(File outputFile, MLRegression method)
          Process the file.
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Constructor Detail


public AnalystEvaluateRawCSV()
Method Detail


public final void analyze(EncogAnalyst theAnalyst,
                          File inputFile,
                          boolean headers,
                          CSVFormat format)
Analyze the data. This counts the records and prepares the data to be processed.

theAnalyst - The analyst to use.
inputFile - The input file.
headers - True if headers are present.
format - The format the file is in.


public final void process(File outputFile,
                          MLRegression method)
Process the file.

outputFile - The output file.
method - The method to use.

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