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Helping with Encog

There are many different ways you can help with the Encog project, and show your support. Some are really easy. Some are more challenging. Some of the easy ways you can help Encog are listed here:


Links are very helpful to the Encog project. They show that you are a user of Encog, and help get the word out.

For Java:

For .Net:


Encog is listed on Ohloh. List yourself as a "user" of Encog.

Ratings and review on Ohloh are useful too. To rate or review Encog, visit our Ohloh Project Page


Encog has his own page on Facebook, add yourself as a fan.

Bug Reports

Encog is not perfect. But we want to make it close to perfect as we can. Have you found something that you don't think is working. Post a message to the forum and see if others are having the same issue. We very much value your bug reports!

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