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Learn About Artificial Intelligence

This mission of this website is to provide education about Artificial Intelligence (AI). You will find a great deal of information about Artificial Intelligence (AI) at this website. This page is an index to all of it. At this website you will find books, articles, videos, forums, tutorials a wiki and even a complete open source Machine Learning Framework (Encog). Most of the content here is free. However, some of the ebooks and obviously the paperback books, are commercial products, and require payment. By purchasing these products you support the Encog Project and the information provided by this website.

Following Us

New information is frequently posted to this web site. One of the best ways to stay up to date is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, we have a forum where you can post questions.

Encog Machine Learning Framework

At the heart of the information offered here is Encog. Encog is an open source Machine Learning Framework. Most of the information that you will find here centers around Encog. However, some of the articles and books do focus on pure Artificial Intelligence. Encog is completely free and open. Encog is developed by a community of programmers. This development effort is headed by Jeff Heaton.

Encog provides many different Machine Learning technologies. The amount of features provided by Encog can be a bit daunting, especially if you are just starting out. The purpose of this page is to provide links to information that may be helpful at any stage of your journey to learn about Artificial Intelligence.

Getting Started with AI

Do you know what Artificial Intelligence (AI) actually is? Most people have a general idea from science fiction and the media. You probably understand that AI seeks to enable machines with human-like characteristics. But you might not know too much more beyond that. Listed below are some articles to help you dive into the world of AI, and understand how we help computers to approach human intelligence.

Getting Started Programming

Many people who come to this site are not all that familiar with computer programming. While computer programming skills may seem like a prerequisite for Artificial Intelligence, this is not necessarily the case. If your programming skills are weak, there are still several options to get started with AI. One option is to us the Encog Workbench. Many tasks, that could previously only be accomplished by programming, can now be done using the Encog Workbench. There are several articles that explain how to get started with the Encog Workbench.

Learning About Neural Networks

Neural networks were one earliest forms of AI. They were created in the 1950's and the algorithm continues to evolve today. Neural networks are still very popular today, and can be a great place to start learning. Neural networks will teach you about basic concepts such as regression, classification and clustering. These topics will be valuable as you learn other areas of AI. The Neural Network page on the Encog wiki provides information about various types of neural networks.

We have three books available to introduce you to neural network programming.

The first two books, shown above, focus on learning to program neural networks in either Java or C#. These books focus more on programming and focus less on the mathematics. The third book contains no programming and rather introduces the mathematics behind neural networks. Mathematics can be one of the most intimidating aspects of neural networks. This format allows you to choose how much of the math you would like to be introduced to. Even the mathematics book only assumes a knowledge of college algebra. You will be taught just the aspects of calculus and linear algebra needed to understand exactly how a neural network works. For information on purchasing these books in paperback or ebook form, click the above image.

We also have a free course that teaches about neural networks. This course is made up of many YouTube videos and related material. This course can be found here.

Getting Started with Encog

You might not want to learn all of the low-level details of neural network programming. You might simply wish to use neural networks. This is exactly where Encog fits in. Encog allows you to focus more on using a neural networks, and other machine learning methods. One great strength of Encog is that it allows you to quickly try out a variety of machine learning methods (such as Neural Networks, support Vector Machines and Bayesian Networks) and see which one works the best for your application.

I also sell two more advanced books about Encog.

Using Encog with Financial Markets

This is the current target of Encog 3.2. The idea is to create an indicator that can directly communicate between Ninjatrader and Encog. This indicator will then be ported into other platforms such as MT4/5. The following articles describe the current state of Encog to Ninjatrader integration.

Beyond Neural Networks

Neural networks are just one of the many machine learning methods that Encog supports. Other methods include Support Vector Machines, Bayesian Networks and Hidden Markov Machines. The following articles describe how to use some of these methods with Encog.

Advanced Topics

Contributing to Encog

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