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Programming Neural Networks with Encog 2 in Java/C#

Announcing two upcoming books. Hopefully by the year's end.

Programming Neural Networks with Encog 2 in Java, ISBN 978-1-60439-007-0
Programming Neural Networks with Encog 2 in C#, ISBN 978-1-60439-010-0

Encog is an advanced neural network and bot programming framework. This book focuses on using Encog to create a variety of neural network architectures using the Java programming language. Neural network architectures such as feedforward/perceptrons, Hopfield, Elman, Jordan, Radial Basis Function, and Self Organizing maps are all demonstrated.

This book also shows how to use Encog to train neural networks using a variety of means. Several propagation techniques, such as back propagation, resilient propagation (RPROP) and the Manhattan update rule are discussed. Additionally, training with a genetic algorithm and simulated annealing is discussed as well. You will also see how to enhance training using techniques such as pruning, hybrid training,

Real world examples tie the book together. Pattern recognition applications such as OCR, image and text recognition will be introduced. You will see how to apply time series and forecasting and how to financial markets. All of the Encog neural network components will be demonstrated to show how to use them in your own neural network applications.

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