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Neural Network Classes Beginning this Week

The two neural network courses that we are offering(C# and Java) are beginning this week. Today actually! I already have the video for the first class session posted online, as well as the course material. The first step is to actually "enroll" for the course. This will add your name to a list that I am keeping for each of the course. You need to create a user ID to enroll, then just go to the course you want to enroll for, and select "enroll". There are also two forums setup for any questions. I will be posting more information as this progresses. These postings will be in the forums.

This is the first time we've offered a course online. So we are still figuring out what the exact format will be. Because I have users from all over the world I am trying to stay away from any sort of a "live" broadcast. All of the video is on YouTube, linked through the site. So you can view it at any time. There willbe OPTIONAL assignments as the course progresses. I am still figuring out how those will be submitted, but the first assignment will not be for a few weeks. I am going to try and publish a class session a week. But this is the first time we're doing this, so everything is being developed as this progresses. So things WILL get behind sometimes!

The online course itself is being offered free. It is based on the neural network books that we sell here. I will be posting a fair amount of course material online for each class session so may not be 100% essential to actually buy the book for the course. But, of course, for the "full effect" we suggestion that you buy the book that goes along with the course. The first part of both books are published online, so feel free to try it out!

More info will be posted soon in the forums. To enroll, visit the following link:

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