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Technical Support

If you would like help with source code from one of our books or any other Heaton Research source code please post in our forum. Either someone from Heaton Research or a member of the public will respond to your inquiry. The forum is our primary means of technical support. Sometimes it may take a few days to receive a response in the forum. We are also glad to discuss extensions and modifications to our source code. The forum is your place for more info.

[Heaton Research Forum]

Wholesale Book Purchase

To order books for a university, school, bookstore or other bookseller please visit our wholesale information page. If wish to purchase a copy a copy of one of our books please visit our online retail book store.

E-Mail Heaton Research

Click the link below to send an email to Heaton Research.
[E-Mail Heaton Research]

Heaton Research Direct Contact Info

Our preferred means of communication is E-Mail, as I really do not have time to answer individual voice mails. However, here is our physical contact information. We do not offer "voice technical support" for our products. I often get calls from book stores and other booksellers trying to place orders for individual books. Unfortunately, I really do not have the time or staff to fill individual book orders, to solve this problem, I use a distributor. You can place your wholesale orders for our books from any of these sources.

EBook Purchases

If you purchased an EBook from us, it can be downloaded from here.

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