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Introduction to Neural Networks with Java

Programming Neural Networks in Java will show the intermediate to
advanced Java programmer how to create neural networks. This book
attempts to teach neural network programming through two mechanisms.
First the reader is shown how to create a reusable neural network
package that could be used in any Java program. Second, this reusable
neural network package is applied to several real world problems that
are commonly faced by IS programmers. This book covers such topics as
Kohonen neural networks, multi layer neural networks, training, back
propagation, and many other topics.



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bro i am on research on the artificial intelligence and i'll be glad if you could put me through some more little things...thanks!

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i want to study this books

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Well,Too good antivirus

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sir i want to study ur books

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Hi Sir,

i have started reading the Neural Networks for Java in that Chapter 2 i encountered a problem while excuting the Hopfield Neural Network.
Problem : When i try to train the two input patterns it works fine.
Later i am trying to train three input patterns the output are incorrect.Please could you correct me where i am doing wrong.


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