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Java Console Application

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A Java Console application can only display textual data. Console applications resemble DOS based applications in that all interaction with the program is through keyboard and text output. The mouse, and any use of multiple windows is not supported.

Console applications are good for applications that have limited interaction with the user. If a program must run in the background, away from the user, a console application is an ideal choice. Console applications are also great for setting up quick tests to see how Java works. The applications you develop in this book will be console applications.

Background applications are almost always written as console applications. A background application is a program that runs, often for a long period of time, without user interaction. Examples of background applications include:

  • Anti-virus programs that scan while the user is using the computer
  • Business Data processing/loading applications that process large volumes of data

Figure 1.1 shows a Java Console application.

Figure 1.1: A Console Application

A Console Application

When to use a Console Application

  • Limited user interaction
  • Applications that run in the background
  • Quick test applications to try out techniques in Java

Limitations of a Console Application

  • No mouse support
  • No graphical/window support
  • No additional windows

For some applications, you will need to interact with the user through Windows. In these cases, you should choose a GUI application over a console application.

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