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Artificial Intelligence News

Article TitleDate
Memristor based VLSI design innovation by Panasonic replicates human thought - EE Herald2013-06-11
Deutsche's Fan and Rankin chart year of change - Financial News2013-06-11
8 Awesome Octopus Facts for World Oceans Day - Scientific American (blog)2013-06-11
New tasks become as simple as waving a hand with brain-computer interfaces2013-06-11
Local AI startup gets CIA-linked funding - Chicago Tribune2013-06-07
Chicago-based tech firm attracts investment from CIA offshoot - Chicago Tribune2013-06-07
AI For Intel: Incremental Advances But No 'Big Brain' - DefenseNews.com2013-06-07
AI, not ET, may be out there - Toronto Star2013-06-07
Site Recommends Restaurants Based On The Brain's - PSFK2013-06-07
Researchers, Using Light to Activate Neurons, Make Mice Obsessive-, or Not - MIT Technology Review2013-06-07
What's Next for the Markets? - Moneyshow.com2013-06-07
SentiMetrix Uses Artificial Intelligence to Detect PTSD - Medgadget.com2013-06-06
Google Buys Quantum Computer for Artificial Intelligence Lab at NASA - Singularity Hub2013-06-06
Narrative Science: The CIA is Investing in Artificial Intelligence That ... - PolicyMic2013-06-06
Creating Recipes with Artificial Intelligence - IEEE Spectrum2013-06-06
Spirit invest in Artificial Intelligence Software - evertiq.com2013-06-06
Fast Heuristic Search for RTS Game Combat Scenarios - GameDev.net2013-06-06
These Artificially Intelligent Legos Look Awesome - Popular Science2013-06-06
Can artificial intelligence play a role in business applications ? - Business Spectator2013-06-06
Is Developing Artificial Intelligence Ethical? What Relationship does AI Have ... - Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies2013-06-06
Behind the Scenes with Blue Man Group - USA TODAY2013-06-06
Professor Steve Furber recipient of Computer Pioneer Award - ElectronicsWeekly.com2013-06-06
Research team maps wiring of biological clock - Medical Xpress2013-06-06
Scientists map the wiring of the biological clock - Washington University in St. Louis News2013-06-06
Nara, Neuroscience-Based Restaurant Recommendation Site, Goes National - Huffington Post2013-06-06


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