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Artificial Intelligence News

Article TitleDate
Malware bites and how to stop it2013-08-15
Computer chip based on human brain developed2013-08-14
SkySweeper robot makes inspecting power lines easy and inexpensive2013-08-06
Quantum communication controlled by resonance in 'artificial atoms'2013-08-06
Microchips that mimic the brain: Novel microchips imitate the brain's information processing in real time2013-07-22
'Fat finger' compensator: Scientists use game to generate database for analysis of drawing2013-07-22
Could HYCCUPS boost phone battery life?2013-07-22
Helping robots become more touchy-feely, literally: Paper-thin e-skin responds to touch by lighting up2013-07-21
Computer system automatically generates TCP congestion-control algorithms2013-07-18
Eye-tracking could outshine passwords if made user-friendly2013-07-16
Computer as smart as a 4-year-old? Researchers IQ test new artificial intelligence system2013-07-15
Writing computer programs using ordinary language: Systems convert ordinary language to code2013-07-11
Robot mom would beat robot butler in popularity contest2013-07-08
Zombies offer key to understanding how crowds evacuate2013-07-08
Teaching a computer to play concentration advances security, understanding of the mind2013-07-01
New system uses low-power Wi-Fi signal to track moving humans -- even behind walls2013-06-28
Researchers track facial expressions to improve teaching software2013-06-27
'Nerdy' mold needs breaking to recruit women into computer science2013-06-24
Robo-pets may contribute to quality of life for those with dementia2013-06-24
Need An Artificially Intelligent Robotic System For Sorting Trash? ZenRobotics ... - TechCrunch2013-06-21
Tempo AI secures $10M to advance its productivity artificial-intelligence tech - VentureBeat2013-06-21
Computerized brain made of GPUs could be the future of artificial intelligence - ExtremeTech2013-06-21
New Algorithm Measures Heart Rate By Head Movements - Medical News Today2013-06-21
GE wants to use artificial intelligence to predict the future of hospitals - GigaOM2013-06-21
Magisto Upgrades Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Introduces Emotion Sense ... - PR Newswire (press release)2013-06-21


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