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Artificial Intelligence News

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Virtually numbed: Immersive video gaming alters real-life experience2013-10-28
Creating smarter surgical robots2013-10-25
Sharing the power of the crowd2013-10-24
Automatic speaker tracking in audio recordings2013-10-18
Yoga accessible for the blind with new kinect-based program2013-10-17
Software uses cyborg swarm to map unknown environs2013-10-16
Stepping out in style: Toward an artificial leg with a natural gait2013-10-14
A blueprint for restoring touch with a prosthetic hand2013-10-14
Bat vision system could help protect buildings they roost in2013-10-09
Better robot vision: Neglected statistical tool could help robots better understand the objects in the world around them2013-10-07
Video game technology: Motion tracking technology is extremely precise, inexpensive with minimal lag2013-10-07
Surprisingly simple scheme for self-assembling robots2013-10-04
Putting a face on a robot2013-10-01
Engineers invent programming language to build synthetic DNA2013-09-30
Quantum computers: Trust is good, proof is better2013-09-30
Educational game uses architectural design to teach math skills2013-09-27
Human robot getting closer: iCub robot must learn from its experiences2013-09-27
Professor develops 'brain' for robots2013-09-26
Robotic fabrication in timber construction2013-09-26
Brain may rely on computer-like mechanism to make sense of novel situations2013-09-23
Findings from University of Cincinnati Provide New Insights into Artificial ... - HispanicBusiness.com2013-09-19
Could AI pose a threat to Humanity? - SHSU Houstonian Online2013-09-19
Researchers at Department of Food Science Have Reported New Data on ... - HispanicBusiness.com2013-09-19
AlchemyAPI says it's delivering Google-level deep learning as a service - GigaOM2013-09-19
So this is where imagination happens in the brain - GMA News2013-09-19


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