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Artificial Intelligence News

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Neurological Differences in Those Resilient and Vulnerable to Depression - (blog)2013-04-30
How Would You Like Your Assistant -- Human or Robotic?2013-04-29
'Taxels' convert mechanical motion to electronic signals2013-04-25
Computer game could improve sight of visually impaired children2013-04-24
Artificial Intelligence Is Working Hard So We Can Hardly Work - National Geographic2013-04-24
FlipperBot: Sea turtles and flipper-driven robot reveal principles of moving on sand and other granular media2013-04-23
Virtual, squishy creatures evolve to run using evolutionary algorithms2013-04-23
Humans feel empathy for robots: fMRI scans show similar brain function when robots are treated the same as humans2013-04-23
Can Super Mario Save Artificial Intelligence? - New Yorker (blog)2013-04-22
Lazy eye disorder treated with video game Tetris2013-04-22
Deep Learning - MIT Technology Review2013-04-22
Evolving Soft Robots - I Programmer - iProgrammer2013-04-20
Robot hands gain a gentler touch: Tactile sensing technology builds on tiny barometer chips2013-04-18
'Big data’ algorithm used to customize video game difficulty2013-04-18
Helpful for robotics: Brain uses old information for new movements2013-04-18
Frog-like robot will help surgeons2013-04-17
A new twist for quantum systems2013-04-17
'Chinese Google' Opens Artificial-Intelligence Lab in Silicon Valley - Wired (blog)2013-04-12
Google buys into neural nets - Vision Systems Design2013-04-11
Computer scientists develop video game that teaches how to program in Java2013-04-08
Technique finds software bugs in surgical robots and helps developers fix flaws, ensure safety2013-04-08
Dinner's Revenge: mealworms that survive in the stomach, then eat their way ... - Boing Boing2013-04-01
Transcript II: Neuropolitics-- Fear and Empathy, Amygdala and Insula ... - OpEdNews2013-03-31
Predicting the future of artificial intelligence has always been a fool's game -
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Means More Than Just Neat Gadgets - It Could Mean ... - Huffington Post UK (blog)2013-03-29


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